sudoku V1.1sudoku v1.1
opensource for WinXP, Linux, MacOSX

This is a simple implementation of the popular sudoku game. It's based on the opensource version of trolltechs Qt4 framework,
since version 1.1 it uses also the Haru Free PDF Library for the PDF export functionality.
I have made it originally for MacOSX and ported it to WinXP, it compiles also fine under linux (you will need Qt4 and the Haru lib).

note: I sold my ppc mac some times ago therefore I could not compile version 1.1 for mac with ppc anymore. For the newer x86 macs a binary is now available for version 1.1.

This program is open source, you may use, distribute and copy this program under the GNU PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991.



note: The windows binary package contains also the required trolltech - Qt4 and mingw runtime libraries,
the mac version is statically linked against the Qt4 libraries.


If you have problems with the game, questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me: (Andreas Bricelj)

updated 7/7/2009:
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